Can my student download the text and outlines in my course?

Can the student download the text in the course? If they can how do I make it available to them?

Hi Albert!

Text lessons can't be downloaded in the same way as videos, audios, PDFs, etc - i.e. there's no way to add a "Download" button to text lessons. If the student wants to save a text lesson then they could always copy-and-paste it or print the page.

To make life easier for your students, though, I would recommend putting your content into downloadable PDFs instead. More on the PDF lesson type here.



Hi Catherine,

I finally have my first course up and running and I am excited. However, I have a question about PDFs and downloads. I have uploaded 10 video lessons, they are effectively videos of powerpoint presentations with video. I would like students to be able to download a printout of the slides to take notes on at the start of each unit, so have uploaded a pdf for each unit that appears in the list of course content. This makes the list much longer than it actually is as there are 2 elements for each unit.

Then I saw that clicking on the 'add content button' as well as PDF there is a 'downloads" option. I tried adding one pdf here, but I can'e see where it went. How do the students access the downloads.

Also, if I add 'text' where does that go? I'd like to add a brief description of the content of each unit at the start.

Sorry If I'm asking basic questions but I am new to all this.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Howard!

Congrats on finishing your first course!

For what you're looking to do, I would recommend using the Downloads lesson type

For students to access the files, from the course player when on the Downloads lesson they'll see the list of files available for download:

For the Text lesson, the content will display directly in the course player like below:

If at any point you want to see how your content will appear to your students, you can preview your course as a student using the Preview Course option in the top right of the course builder.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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