Can I offer a course coupon for a free course to select customers?


Can I offer a course coupon for a free course to select customers?  Will it work if I use 100% off for a code?

Carol Fawcett

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Hi Carol!

Yes, 100% off coupon codes is exactly how you can give free course access to certain people :)

I'd also recommend limiting the number of times the code can be used if there's a set amount of people that the code is for. 

Once you've created the code, simply send those people the coupon code or the course URL with the coupon already applied (more on that here).



Does a user still need to enter credit card information if the coupon is for 100% off of the price?

Hi there!

Yes, students won't be asked to enter a credit card if they use a 100% off coupon. However, if the coupon is 100% off only for the first payment in a subscription or payment plan, they will still need to enter a credit card. 

Hope this helps!

How do you set up the 100% off coupon code so its not for a first payment on a subscription, rather for an annual plan (my membership site has both payment options listed on the sales page) ??

Hi John

I am not too sure to be clear on your question here however the nature of coupons is that they are set to apply to the first payment and subsequent payments if need be and you cannot skip the first one.

If you do wish to charge a higher amount initially you can use the Subscription price, and set a higher initial payment, then the regular payments would be lower. That may be the same effect as a coupon?

Hope that helps!