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Is there a way to automatically assign everyone that signs up as an affiliate? Also is it possible to change the word "Affiliate " in the display to "Referral"?

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Hi Tamara,

The only way to make a user an affiliate right now is to head to the Users page to select the checkbox for "Affiliate". That's a good idea, though, and definitely something we can consider for the future. You can go here to submit your feedback directly to our product team:

For changing the word, if it's on your external site pages rather than your admin dashboard there should be a way to do this using Themes. Happy to write up some instructions if you can send over a screenshot showing where you mean?



I don't see where to do this, can you help me find the affiliate check box? 

Hi Sherri-Lee!

Here's what the affiliate checkbox should look like:

To get there, from Support Your Students > Users find the user you want to make an affiliate and select the Edit option (to the right of the screen).

I hope that helps!



Once I check the affiliate box will the user receive an email with their affiliate link?

Hey Bronte! 

Your user can receive a Site Welcome email when you initially create them, and when they log in will be met with their affiliate dashboard. If they're an existing user, I recommend sending them a quick email to let them know :)

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