Unable to save changes to instructor page

 I am unable to save changes, but only to the instructor page. When I press the save button it does nothing. I don't get a success notice and the save button is still highlighted. I have tried restarting the browser and restarting my computer without success. Ideas?

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Hi Nevin,

It sounds like this may be an issue with your browser - if you try using a different browser or an incognito window are you able to save changes?

If not, please send a message to our technical support team and we'll get this figured out for you. We'll need to know:

- Which browser(s) you've tried (including version numbers)

- Which operating system you're using (including version number)

If you can also grab some screenshots/a screen recording of what's happening there then that will help us troubleshoot for you.



Hi, we have the same issue. We are able to click "save" but the changes aren't actually saved or loaded. We have tried using Chrome and Safari on Mac OS and tried using incognito windows and private windows. Please help.

Hi there!

Thanks for letting us know! Do you mind sending us a quick message through this link? One of our team members can then go into your account and take a look to see if there are any issues with your site. 



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