Refer A Friend - Give $10, Get $10

Hey Thinkific Team -

I'm trying to figure out how to orchestrate a refer a friend experience inside your platform. So the use case:

  • All new users received a referral code or referral URL that provides a $10 discount.
  • Users can then provide this code to their friends/network.
  • Every time their code is used, a $10 credit is applied to their account to be used towards future course purchases.

I've been trying to hack your affiliate functionality into supporting this use case but it seems to fall short of being able to (1) attach a unique discount to a referral link and (2) apply credits back to the account every time the referral link is used.

Any ideas or other useful work arounds?

Hi there!

It's true that there is no real automated way to achieve that at this point in time - interesting idea, though!

For now, you can certainly set existing users up as affiliates by going to their user profile and selecting the checkbox for "Affiliate". That said, affiliate commission is percentage-based rather than currency-based right now, so you'd need to choose a percentage that makes sense - e.g. 10%.

Then, any new sales that the user brings your way will be tracked for a commission. Usually what instructors do is pay the commission directly, e.g. via PayPal, but you could always give out coupon codes to the users instead!

If you have any further questions about that at all, then please let us know.



Any changes or additions to this in the past year? I'm looking to do something similar. I just need to the system to email the student a coupon code to give the $10. I don't mind doing everything else manually. 

Hi Steph!

We haven't made any changes to this so far, but we might be able to find something that works for you. If you can please send some more info on what you're looking for to our Support team, we'll see what we can do. For example, are you asking about emailing the coupon code to users when they sign up? Or to people who have been referred by an existing user?



I think I figured out a solution. I'm working on getting bulk codes created. I will upload them to Coupon Carrier along with my current list of students. Coupon Carrier will send a link to each email address and when the students click on it, it will pull one of the unique coupon codes from list of autogenerated codes and assign it to that email address. I set up a Zap on Zapier to add a row to a Google Sheet for each order and it will include any coupon codes used. I will then need to go through the Google Sheet and email those students a $5 gift card and then cross reference any the codes to Coupon Carrier to find out which referring student was assigned that code and send them a $5 coupon code. 

It would be awesome if it could be automated more, but I am just really happy I can do it.