Create a course in PC software and use Thinkific as portal, or only use thinkific?

Hi! I am new to course creation and there is so much to read online I kinda drown!

I have found lots of different platforms like Thinkific, but I also find a lot of software. Can someone please clarify the difference of making a course in a software like Articulate Storyline (AS) or making it on thinkific? Can I make a course in AS and upload that course with those interactions into thinkific? Or is thinkific rather a better place to build the course on its own? 

I understand AS has a lot of functionality to make interactive pages/quizzes/animations etc. Can thinkific host these customisations? Or do I need to set up my own hosting for that kind of course?

Is Thinkific a web-based easier version of a heavy software tool?

Sorry for a messy question, but I hope someone understands it :)

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Welcome to Thinkific :)

Articulate Storyline and other platforms like it (e.g. Adobe Captivate) are content creation platforms, in that they allow you to create interactive learning content. However, even if you're using that content you need to host it somewhere, have a way of taking payment, managing your courses, etc. That's what Thinkific does!

You don't necessarily need to use Storyline to create content, though. Most of our customers use video, PDFs, etc as well as our quiz builders, discussions tools, and more to create their courses.

If you did want to use Storyline then you absolutely can! We can host that for you as part of the Business plan and above. The interactive content will work, but the results of quizzes included in Storyline content won't be captured anywhere. Customers using Storyline tend to use our built-in quizzes for testing their students instead.

As you're just getting started, I recommend taking this free training course to get an overview of Thinkific and its features.

And if you have any further questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.