Moving modules around in a course

 Hi -I am very new to this and trying to put together a course.  I would like to move some of the different example modules (which I know are a type of shell for my own content) so that they appear in a different order than they are now.  The answer may be something obvious, but I can't seem to figure it out.

Many thanks,


HI Laura!

Happy to help -

You can click-and-drag on the icons to the left of the chapter/lesson name to rearrange your content:




Thank you!


It won't allow me to select anything to drag it. Do you have any more suggestions, or someone who can look at my account?


Hi Nicollette

Would you be able to send us a note through to and we can take a look? Please be sure to include your site URL or address, the course you are looking at and even a screen shot to see if there is anything odd and and we can take a look!

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