Can I add live chat to my Thinkific site? Can I add it to the student course player too?


To set up live chat on your site, you can place the standard code from your live chat tool into the site footer code. It will automatically work across the Thinkific site, including the student course player! 

Some common chat tools that other Thinkific course creators use include Olark, Happy Fox Chat, Drift and LiveChat.

If you have any questions, or if you're loving a different chat tool that you're using on your site, let us know below!

How do you keep Olark from blocking the continue button in the course player?

Hi Tamara!

Most live chat softwares have the option to specify where the chat box appears. I took a look at Olark and it looks like you can specify whether it appears on the left or right of the window. So if you pick for it to appear on the left, it won't block the "Next" button anymore.


You may even be able to get more specific about where it appears by customising the installation script from Olark. If you reach out to their support team, they should be able to give you a hand with that.

Hope that helps.



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