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Hi All

I'm just getting to grips with Thinkific and would appreciate someone helping me with this question...

I would like a few people (say 10) to try my course and to comment on it - so I can "improve and tweak" it before I actually make it live and start selling (hopefully)... but how can I share it with them?

Do I have to upgrade to a "paid" version in order to be able to share it privately? I would really rather not do this at this early stage - as I won't be releasing the course until September - and would obviously rather not pay for the months where the course isn't live.

Any help greatly appreciated :-)

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Hi Tony!

Happy to help -

If you're not ready for a paid plan just yet, then the best way to give testers access to your course would be to publish it as free and have them sign up themselves. Unless you're actively promoting your course elsewhere, you shouldn't have too many people come across it and sign up. And even if they did, you could think of those people as beta testers too.

If you are concerned about people having access when you don't want them too, though, then the safest option would be to upgrade to the Business plan and make the course hidden for now. More on hidden courses here.

Or, on the Essentials plan, you could set a price for the course but then either manually enrol your testers or give out coupon codes for free access to specific people.

If you have further questions about any of these options, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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