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I want to figure out the best way to sell the online course. Should I break it into multiple courses and then also bundle into one course? If so, what is the best way?

I have created all the content for my online course. These are the modules:

1. Foundations of Chinese Medicine and Qigong

2. Sports Science: Fascia and Qigong

3. 5 Animal Qigong Instructional Videos (4 Levels)

a. Level 1

b. Level 2

c. Level 3

d. Level 4

4. Test Questions

I also have a PPT presentation designed for our live trainings, but I could put a voice over on that and also add that to the course as an additional module. Is this overkill? Do I add this to the existing course as an additional module, sell it separate and or package it as a bundle?

I appreciate your advice

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Hi there!

Thanks for getting in touch.

In terms of how you should structure your course, it really depends on factors such as how long each module is, what you think would work best for your audience, etc.

If it makes sense, then you could split your modules out across separate courses. That would allow you to sell each one separately and then also sell them as a bundle (possibly at a per-course discount to add incentive).

For the presentation do you have - does it add value to students? If so, you could potentially add this as a separate course/lesson or if it's really just bonus material I'd consider adding it as a bonus download at the end the course.

If you have any further questions at all, then please go here to get in touch with the team directly.



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