How can you organize videos?

Currently in the video library, all the videos are lumped in together.  If I have a custom welcome message for each course, I can't just use welcome.avi, I need to use a custom title.  How come there isn't a way to create folders to organize videos into specific courses?  Is that a feature that's coming in the future?

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Hi Sam!

Although in the video library the files are all shown together you can then go to the course builder to add your videos into a specific course (more on that here). You don't need to worry too much about the file titles as these will only be visible to you - the students will see whatever name you give the video lesson.

We are considering some improvements to the video library in the future, though, as folders would definitely be useful. Thanks for the feedback! You can also go here to submit your request directly to our product team:



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Hey! Yep folders for videos would be great - we have found that using filenames can help eg coursename module unit etc in the video filename goes a long way - but folders would be good! when you get time ;) Love the platform - thanks to all involved! 

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I agree completely - we're going to have to manage MANY videos over time, either by topic or client.  We will really need a way to organize these, please employ this feature if possible?

Hi Stacy!

Thanks for the request! I've flagged it for our Product team so they can take it into consideration.



Me too. If your team make video library to organize as a category or folders, it can be very useful to create courses for us. Please be hurry. Now video library was lumped together and difficult to find out because a lot of videos together.



Has there been any more progress with the ability to organise files into folders?

Hi Katherine,

It's not something we're working on right now, but keep an eye on our in-app changelog to stay up-to-date with the latest product news. You can access that by clicking "Changes" in top bar of your Thinkific admin dashboard.



I agree. The ability to, at least, be able to organize video by category will be necessary before we allow multiple instructors.  By category, by course would be even better.  Shared video could be put at the category level and specific course video at the course level.  We'll work on a naming convention for now.  Thanks for the consideration.

I am also looking for the folder option to organize course videos. This would be really nice option especially when we have many courses and have to deal with lot many videos. Please expedite this feature integration. Otherwise, your platform is really nice.!!

I would also like to see this implemented. Beginning to build out a site with multiple instructors and courses. Going to get messy really fast.

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