customise multiple buy buttons on sales landing page

HI i am creating my sales landing page to pre sell my course

i watched the video 'how to create a sales page' and was impressed with the two examples of good sales pages especially Amy Porterfield - so my question is how can i have three buy buttons placed strategically down my sales page as she has?

and how do i change the text on the buy button

and where do i get the buy button?

thank you 


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Hi Jennifer!

Right now, the best way to add extra buy buttons to your sales page is to make an image that you want to use as a buy button and add it to your course description. You can then make the image link directly to checkout for your course - here's how.

And you can find some instructions on customising the wording on your buy button here. Note: this does require some changes to the Theme (HTML) of your site, but the instructions should walk you through it.

When are you planning to launch your course? If it's not for a few weeks then I'd recommend waiting a little while to create your sales pages because we've got some big changes coming to our landing page builder! Watch this video to find out more.

And if you get stuck at any point, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team directly.



Where did you find the video "How to Create a Sales Page" with an example from Amy Porterfield? Could someone give me a link? Thanks so much!

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Hi Jean

That may be this YouTube video How To Create An Online Course Sales Page that is led by our Content Manager Tyler Basu!

Yes, thanks!

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