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Is it possible to adjust the timing of my Drip Content schedule? I'm in Australia, and my lessons are released at 10:30am on the day the Drip content is scheduled, which is too late for many of my students, who want to go through their course materials before work.

I changed it manually, but don't want to have to do this everyday.

Can this be adjusted based on time zone? 


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Hi Kirsty!

Our drip schedule feature is based around 12am UTC.

So, for a drip schedule based on student-enrollment date, where the first piece of content is set to be released 1 day after enrollment, the student would have access to it next time the clock hits 12am UTC.

For a drip schedule based on calendar-enrollment date, the content will always be available as of 12:01 am UTC on the date set for the drip schedule.

This isn't something we can change right now, and apologies for that as I know it's inconvenient for those of you in timezones ahead of UTC.

I'm going to flag this issue for the team, and you can also go here to submit your feedback directly to them:

For now, one recommendation would be to include the information on UTC in your introductory lesson, which will hopefully avoid any surprises about unavailable content for your students.

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.



Thanks Catherine,

I had to manually adjust the course content availability every day this week, so have sent a message directly to your team.


I just released a course to my students and they can't see the content.  I have published the course and have adjusted my drip schedule and nothing seems to be working.  What am I missing?


Hi Celeste!

Looks like our support team got this figured out for you now - i.e. the content was in Draft mode

If anything urgent comes up it is always best to contact us directly as that's the quickest way to get a response.

But if you have any questions where you think the answer would benefit the whole community then absolutely post it on our forums!



I'm a little confused about the drip content time. For example: If the content for Day 7 (which is July 7 let's say) is released at 12:01am UTC, would that mean that the content would be available to people on PST at 5:01 pm on July 6th?  Is that the same time that the email notificaitonwill go out as well?? 

And piggybacking on that, can I custom edit the notification emails?

Thanks! Tracey

Hi Tracey!

Yes, that's correct drip content releases on Jul 7 at 12:01 am UTC will be available for people on PST on Jul 6 at 5:01pm. 

Currently the email notifications that you can edit are:

  • Site welcome email
  • Course welcome email
  • Completion emails

Hope this helps!


seriously? Why can't I choose the precise time I need/want my content to be released? The current default of 12:01am UTC is not a realistic option at all. It defeats the purpose of any auto-timed event campaigns forcing me to manually make the content go live. Huh? That's not a helpful workflow at all. Please add me to the list of customers that want to choose the precise time for the drip content to be available. Thanks. 

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Is it possible to designate which days of the week content is available? I'm able to do this in my mailchimp autoresponder and would like to coordinate the two so content becomes available on weekdays but not on weekends.

Hi Renita!

Currently, we can only set the drip schedule on a specific date or number of days after the student signed up. We can't set it on a specific day of the week. I'll definitely pass this feedback on to our product team!

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Adding my vote to being able to change the time, have had a couple of students requesting this, not super convenient - we should be able to adjust the time zone to where we're located, or where majority of our students are located, or based on each individual time zone...

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I'm adding my voice as well. I was shocked to find my content was released earlier than I intended (Im on Pacific Time and had not seen notice of UTC) I was still working on it and had to back peddle very fast. It is frustrating for sure. My content needs to be released on the first of each month and paired with having to set every single chapter to the date for drip in the first place PLUS working out the math (I suck at it) for right timing is a big disappointment. Next year I'll likely have international students that will make this even less consistent for live discussion groups etc.

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Yeah, another vote to be able to adjust the TIME of the drip schedule.  10am (12 UTC) is not super convenient...  This was requested by someone over a year ago???  

Hi guys!

Thanks for the feedback! I've passed it on to our Product team and they'll take it into consideration :)

Happy to help if you have any questions in the meantime.



Hi Thinkific team - I am in the process of setting up a 6 month course with lessons released twice a week which needs to be based on student enrolment date but also ideally day of the week.  Do you have a timeframe as to when this feature is going to become available please?