Advanced Search filter by users enrolled in a bundle

Is there any way to obtain a list of users enrolled in a bundle?

Hi Tamara!

Because of the way our system treats bundles (as pricing options rather than courses themselves),  they aren't available under the "Enrolled In" filter on the Users page. Apologies as I know it's confusing and it is something we're working to fix!

There is a way to find out who's enrolled in a bundle, though. The way to do is to export your list of orders from the Orders page. In the orders export, you'll be able to see who purchased your bundle.

I hope that helps and, if you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.



How do I see just the list of users that are enrolled in a single course?

Hi Jodi!

You can use the Advanced search filter - "Enrolled in" and select the course you want to see.


Another option is to go into the Progress page and select the course you're interested in. 

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