Price of course & Buy button not displayed on landing page

Hi there,

I've included a price of e49 for my course, set up my Stipe account and the account is connected.

However,I don't see the buy button and price of my course on my landing page.

Can you help please?

Many thanks.


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Hi Helen,

Happy to help!

There's two reasons why this may be happening:

- Your course isn't published yet

- You're signed in as the site admin and already enrolled in the course (because you've previewed it as a student)

I checked out your site and it doesn't look like your course is published just yet. If you publish it, and then view your course site in an incognito/private window (so you're logged out), do you see the buy button?

Just so you know - publishing isn't final, so you can always publish to check out the buy button and then unpublish right after :)

I hope this helps, but if you're still having issues the team will be able to figure this out for you. You can go here to get in touch with them.



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Thanks, Catherine.

Yes, you were right.

I've published the Course and the payment button is there.

Next step is to test the payment/Stripe functionality!

Helen x

Can I charge for my free demo, and change the words form free demo to the course name??

Hi Tim!

Are you referring to the demo course that was already on your Thinkific site? Yes, you can add/change content on to this course and set a price. You can then publish it and start selling it!

Hope this helps!


I would like to add CTA's in my sales landing page. Although I see them on video but my menu doesn't offer them.

Also, can I position my payment button on my sales page or is it a default location?

Please advise. Thanks much!

Hi Sheila!

Are you using the latest version of the page builder? This will let you create CTA sections across your landing page. You can take a look at these articles for more info:

Hope this helps!

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