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Has anyone used Click bank to get affiliates? If so, how can you set it up with the payment schedule? Thanks for your help.

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Hi Karen!

Thanks for joining in with the forums!

Are you asking about integrating Thinkific with Clickbank?

If so, happy to help if you can provide a little more detail on what you're looking for here :)



Hi Catherine,

Thank you for the welcome and yes I am trying to figure out how to get affiliate sellers through Clickbank to sell my course and how it will work with the two platforms. Do you know anyone who has done it?


Hi Karen,

I took a look at Clickbank's site and it looks like, with their system, customers would pay you via Clickbank's payment links rather than checkout on Thinkific:

So in terms of how that would work with Thinkific, you'd then just need to give the students access to your course on Thinkific.

There are a few different options for handling that:

- You can manually enrol students from your admin dashboard (here's how)

- You can create coupon codes to allow students to enrol in the course on Thinkific for free (instructions for that here)

- You may also be able to set up automatic enrollment of your students by integrating Clickbank's checkout system with Thinkific. You can easily integrate other checkout systems with Thinkific via Zapier, although based on this article it doesn't look like Clickbank currently offers a Zapier integration. It might be worth reaching out to Clickbank directly to find out your options for integration?

Are you committed to using Clickbank at this point? We do offer our own affiliates feature, although we don't offer an affiliate marketplace. It has to be said that really the best people to help market your courses are past students and other people familiar with you and what you're teaching. And our affiliates feature definitely supports that.

I think it would be best if you chat with one of the team directly and we can get something figured out that will work for you and what you're looking to achieve :) You can go here to get in touch with the team.

You could also post in our Facebook group to see if our community has any tips for you (they're a helpful bunch!)



Thank you Catherine. Clickbank said it couldn't be done.

*Karen - Just responding on here for anyone that find this thread, as I know we already have this resolved :)

It looks like there is a way to handle this via webhooks for Zapier, as Clickbank supports webhooks (or Instant Notifications) -

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this!

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Thank you Catherine. 

There may be another way. 

Clickbank can send out "Webhooks." 

Zapier works with Webhooks, so in theory you can send the Webhook to Zapier, then connect from Zapier to Thinkific. (Zapier works with Thinkific; I've already created a connection from Samcart to Zapier to Thinkific, so the Zapier to Thinkific piece is not a problem).

However ... Clickbank's Webhooks need decrypting when they arrive at Zapier; I haven't yet figured out how to do that ... waiting to hear from Zapier. 


If that doesn't work, then you I believe I can send the Webhook from Clickbank to ACLinkup [ - $85/year]. The fact that ACLinkup exists -- a tool to take Webhooks from Clickbank and sends them to Zapier -- suggests to me that indeed you can't send Webhooks directly from Clickbank to Zapier, but I'm still investigating to make sure ... if I remember, when I get a response from Zapier I'll post the final story here.