upgrade options so a user doesn't lose their previous progress

Hi, I'd like to stucture my course so that there are two levels of materials available - one at basic level (I won't call it that!) which I'd like to make available as a free trial to start off with through a discount code, and then a series of premium chapters for people who want to upgrade (they'll also get access to a private FB group). What's the best way to structure this? Can it be done in one course or do the premium chapters need to be in a separte course? I like the idea of there being locked modules which can't be accessed til the user has paid. Hope that makes sense and you can help.

Hi there!

Happy to help.

The simplest way to handle that would be with a single course, where you set some of the content to be free trial content.

They can then upgrade from within the course player to get access to the full course content - and when they upgrade, you can send them an automated email with details on how to access the Facebook group, or even create a lesson for that within your course.

That should work great! Let us know if you have any further questions at all.



Hi Catherine, thanks for you advice to First Last.

Where can I find instructions on how to do that?

I am laoding 10 lessons with teh 1st three free.Where/how do you trigger an upgrade to paid?


Hi Steve,

Here are some instructions on setting up that free trial.

Any lessons that aren't free will have a CTA button, encouraging the user to upgrade directly from within the course player.

I hope that helps!




My Free Trial doesn't have CTA button for lessons they don't have access to. It just says it is not available to them. Having questions about how to upgrade. Doesn't seem easy.

How can I activate an "Upgrade" button within the course player as you described!?

Hi Wayne!

We updated our course player and made changes to how the free trial flow works. Once a student completes all the free trial lessons they will see this message encouraging to buy the course:


However, when they click on the 'paid' lessons they won't see the purchase button. I forwarded your feedback to our product team to make sure they look into improving this!

Hope this helps!

We have set the first lesson in a course as part of a free trial.  Once the free trial is completed, we would like to offer our students 4 different pricing options.  The basic program, an upgraded program (which could be an upsell) and we offer installment plans for both options.  How do we set this up so all the pricing options will show?

Hi there!

When the user clicks on any content that isn't part of a free trial, they'll see a message encouraging them to purchase the course. Clicking on that button will take them to the landing page for your course, which is where your pricing options will be displayed.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



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