Change 'Resume Course' to 'Resume'

On the landing page, I'd like to change 'Resume Course' to simply 'Resume'. Any suggestions? (I'm trying to get rid of all references to 'course' across my site and refer to it as a program instead). 

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Hi Jennifer!

You can customise the buttons for your landing pages by editing the HTML using our Themes feature. You can find an intro to Themes here.

To customise the Resume button:

1. Go to Themes > My Themes your admin dashboard.

2. Select to Edit HTML/CSS for your currently active theme.

3. Under Snippets, find the correct snippet for the landing page layout you're using - this will always include "course_landing_page_action_buttons", but for example, if you're using the Horizon theme the name will start with "Horizon".

4. Once you've found the snippet, you'll need to find the following line:

{{ 'liquid.partials.course_landing_page_action_buttons.link_resume_course' | translate }}


Remove this whole line (curly brackets and all) and type in your chosen text, as in the example below:

5. This line appears twice in the snippet - make sure you change both instances.

6. Go to File > Save to save your changes.

7. You'll now see this change reflected when you preview your landing pages.

Bonus tip - Once students have completed the course, the CTA will say "Review course" rather than "Resume". If you want to change this, repeat the above for both instances of the following:


{{ 'liquid.partials.course_landing_page_action_buttons.link_review_course' | translate }}


So how do you do this in the new V2 Ice Cream theme where the coding looks different? Lines do not include curly brackets.


Hi Kenneth!

To change the text on the button for V2 themes, go into the Snippet folder and find course_actions_buttons file. Then find the code {% assign resume_text = 'liquid.partials.course_landing_page_action_buttons.link_resume_course' | translate %} and replace it with {% assign resume_text = 'YOUR TEXT HERE' %} Make sure to change your text here to your preferred message.


Hope this helps!

Is there a trick to this on the Metro theme? Instructions not quite working.

Hi Sue! 

To change this on the Metro theme, you can follow Catherine's instructions above. Just make sure to find the snippet that starts with "Metro" instead of "Horizon" as shown. 

The steps to replace Resume Course with Resume will be the same from that point on! 

Hope this helps :)

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