Removing the Instructor name from the Course Card

Course Cards are what represent each of your individual courses on your site landing page, all courses page, and student dashboard. By default, each one will list the name of the course instructor in the top left:


If you'd like to remove this, then you can do that by customising the HTML for the course cards using our Themes feature. You can find an intro to Themes here

Here's how:

1. Go to Themes > My Themes in your admin dashboard.

2. Select to Edit HTML/CSS for your currently active theme.

3. Navigate to Snippets > Course Card.

4. Select the line {{ card.instructor_full_name }} and hit Ctrl/Cmd + / to "comment out" (i.e. deactivate) the code, as shown below.


5. Go to File > Save to save your changes.

6. The Instructor name should now be gone from all of your Course Cards.

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This is not working:
I have tried -- ctrl+/ [using numeric keyboard]
I have tried -- deleting this line
I have tried -- deleting this line and the line above it
I have tried -- "/*"  the line "*/"

and my course instructor name still remains

I have shut down all windows and started fresh and still no change

I cannot use my keyboard to do this function as to get the * I would have it hit the shift key as well

Am I missing something here - I know it shouldn't be that complicated


Hi Sylvia,

I checked out the change that you made and it looks like you got it done. E.g. take a look at the course card on this page:


If you're still seeing the instructor name somewhere, please send some screenshots over to our support team and we'll get this figured out for you :)



It doesn't work for me either. It just makes the screen bigger when I push those buttons.


Hi Joe!

Are you definitely pushing Ctrl or Cmd, and / ? It sounds like you may be hitting Ctrl or Cmd, and + - which will zoom in.

Commenting out the code is the best way to remove sections because it means you can easily "reactivate" it later if you choose.

However, you can always simply delete those lines instead and achieve the same thing.

If you're still stuck after trying that then the team will be happy to help! You can reach them from this page:



Somehow I cannot put my surname with a capital letter. The site doesn't allow me to correct any mistakes, neither allows me to write comments about myself. is it because I have started the free version of your site? Please help me! I am doing your 60 min course in order to learn how to work with this but so far my pages don't look like the one in the course :(

Hi Katia!

This sounds like there may be an issue with editing the Instructor profile area. You should be able to edit any fields regardless of the price plan that you are on! It may be easier for us to take a look at your steps specifically and see if we can help out a little faster that way!

Would you be OK to send along a screenshot and details of where you want to make changes to

Thank you!


Hi I want to edit my instructor name from Susan Ockendon to Susie James as this is my business name and the name I use on all my other media. How do I do this please.


Hi Susie!

You can change the name on instructor profile by heading to the Instructors page on your admin dashboard:


You can take a look at this article for more info:

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