Can I add new content to a live course

I'm interested in selling a six week bootcamp that will include 1 lesson a week. I'm creating content as I go, and would like to upload new lessons as I create them. Is it possible to sell a 6 week course and only have the first week uploaded at launch?

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Hi Katrina!

You can absolutely add new content to a live course! To make sure that students don't see that content that you're still working on you can use our draft content feature or a drip schedule.

In terms of the differences between those two options:

- Draft content will completely hide it from your students (so it won't be listed in the curriculum on the landing page, in the course player, etc) More on that here

- Drip schedule will mean that the content will be listed in the curriculum, but the student won't be able to actually see the content itself. Think of it as a "Coming soon!" type of thing :) More on that here

I hope that helps!



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