Is it possible to import a Rise 360 content?

How can I import my Rise 360 content into the Thinkfic? Is it possible to set a individual passport for each learner who access it?

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Nathalia Vilela

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Hi Nathalia,

If you're able to export the Rise 360 in HTML5 format, then it will work within Thinkific as a multimedia lesson. It will also need to be hosted somewhere online, though - we're able to host that content for you as part of the Business plan and above, or you can also self-host it.

Each student will have their own login to the course, which is where the content will be contained. It's worth noting that it won't be possible to track progress through the content in as sophisticated a way as you can if you're just using Thinkific lessons. That is, each page of a Thinkific course is a separate lesson, whereas all pages in content created in programs such as Storyline, Captivate and Rise 360 will be treated as one lesson

If that's OK, then it definitely will work for you! My only other thing that I'd consider would be using Thinkific quizzes rather than building the quizzes into your Rise 360 content because you won't be able to track the results of these. What most instructors do is use their Storyline, Captivate, Rise 360 files, etc to present the content and then build the quizzes using Thinkific.

I hope that helps! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions at all. And if you have a test file that you'd like to try out on Thinkific, you can go here to send it to us directly: