Usability problems with "next button"


I have a course consisting mainly on different "Acobe Captivate html5 lectures" ("multimedia content") 

Through student testing we've found that many users don't click the "next button" after they finish a lecture, so the course progression remains the same. This confuses them.

¿Is there any kind of solution? 

The multimedia content in my case contains javascript, is there any way, like an API, to trigger the "next button" or mark the lecture as complete when the video/lecture reach, let's say 99%. ?

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Hi Sergio!

Thanks for getting in touch.

You may be able to do this by adding some custom javascript to your site - you can do that under Advanced Settings > Javascript. I can't say for sure it's possible but it's worth a try!

If not, confusion about the NEXT button is something that comes up often and is something we're looking into changing. You can go here to send your own feedback directly to our product team:



Hi Catherine, 

This thread was started a year ago - has there been any update? Where is thinkific on the "next" button progression? 

Despite instructions at the beginning of the course, my users also are NOT clicking the next button with the multimedia feature. I'm using a lot of typeform "multimedia" and once they click "submit" for typeform, they aren't then clicking "next" because it is redundant (from a user perspective). Is there a solution? 

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Hi Jennifer,

I don't have any updates on the "Next" button for you at this stage, but I've passed on your feedback to the team so that they can take it into consideration.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing, and happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



I would like to be the Next person to add my support for improving the "Next" placement/usability. It's so far off to the bottom right and not integrated into the actual page of content that nobody sees it (and it takes so much mouse movement to get there). PLEASE fix this.

And, has anyone solve the javascript solution proposed by Catherine?

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