How did you integrate this forum/helpdesk?

Hi Guys,

I notice that the forum system you have here is integrated using the same sign in details as my thinkific school.

I'd like to ask what system you are using and if there's a way I can do similar for my school.

(ie add a forum / helpdesk such as the one here integrated with my school).

Many thanks,


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Hey Stuart!

Thanks inquiring about our help desk! We're actually using Freshdesk right now. We have SSO set up to bring that info in to make it easier for anyone get help!

You can do this SSO with Thinkific and Freshdesk on our Advanced Plan.

If you're looking for something similar you can actually set up with Zapier to import your students into the help desk software:


You can do this with other helpdesk software on Zapier as well.

Let me know if that helps!

- Aaron

Thanks for the reply Aaron.
Much appreciated.
Does the SSO on the advanced plan require a special integration written to work neatly with Freshdesk or is it pretty much plug and play?

Hi Stuart!

It's not plug-and-play, so you would need to have a developer to build this integration for you. If you don't have one right now, then I'd recommend looking for a freelancer - e.g. on Upwork.



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