Is there a way to hide or archive courses?

I know that a course can be "hidden" from the dashboard so users cannot see them. I'm wondering if they can be hidden for Admins. 

In the Manage Console — [instance] — I see a list of all the courses for our instance.

I want to hide or archive old courses that I'm no longer using on my site. I don't anticipate we will use them in the future and they just take up space and add clutter to my console. Are there any customization/sort/search options to make it easier to find courses. As we continue to add and build new courses I can imagine this will become unwieldy. 

Any other tips or tricks, or something obvious that I'm not seeing here?

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Hey Jordan!

You can also categorize your courses.

Currently, there isn't a straightforward way to organize your courses in the Admin Dashboard according to what you're looking for. We're currently working on updating the Dashboard and I'd love for you to submit your feedback here:

That form will go directly to our product team! You can see how we handle these requests here:

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I've posted my idea suggestion. Thanks!

Interesting idea about categories. I can't think of the best way to leverage them as a workaround though. I was thinking it might be nice to create an "Archived" category and put all of these old, hidden courses in that category. But then I thought that in the UI when people go to look at our courses they will see an "archived" category listed, and there would be no courses,.. which would be confusing.

If anyone has any other workaround ideas to clean up/manage that Courses page, I'd love to hear it!

Yes, I was just looking for an archive to store my courses. As stated above, I want to clean up my Courses page for my own use as it gets overwhelming. 

I have the same requirement. We use a combination of online content and physical face-to-face teaching so I would like to Archive the finished courses.