What is the best way to run a membership site on Thinkific?

What is the best way to run a membership site on Thinkific? I would like to include multiple courses under one, monthly, membership. How do I roll multiple courses under one membership?

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Hey Reine!

Here's an article about this:

And here's a video where we break it down in more detail:

Let me know if you have questions!

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Yo!  Is it possible to publish a bunch of courses with their own separate landing pages but ONLY have them available to purchase through the membership site option?  I don't want to sell courses separately  I want them all integrated in one membership.  Is there a best practices approach to doing this through Thinkific?  (I've been doing a lot of work to launch through Thinkific, but ran into this big question today.)

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Hi Roy!

Yes, you can do this with Thinkific. Check out this site for an example:

You'd make all of the courses Private, and then put them into a Bundle. This would make it so that the individual landing pages are visible, but the only page with a buy button on it is the Bundle page.

There's just a little customization needed to make this work - something we can give you some pointers for when you're ready.



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Cool thanks! 

HI there - we have created a membership for pregnancy....and we want people to be able to join based on their month of pregnancy.  There will be 2 options actually - one, they can buy the entire 12 months of content for one flat fee and have access to all content, all the time.  Two, they can choose to join let's say at 25 weeks of pregnancy and only be able to access the content from week 25 onwards.  Is there a way to do this in thinkific?


Hi Kim!

The easiest way to do this would be to set up a separate Bundle for each membership type/content group. More on Bundles here.

If you have any further questions at all, then just let us know.



Hi on the agentedu site they have a pop up box to get people to add an email address, how do they do this? I'm thinking it's probably sumo me?

Hi Julie,

Yes, it looks like they are using Sumo for that. You can also check out Hellobar as another option.





I am working on creating a members only site but would like a general forum rather than a different one for each course. Is it possible to do this? Thanks.

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Hi Janet!

We don't have a general site forum right now, but we do have lots of instructors who run communities alongside their membership sites. Some good options for that would be a private Facebook group or a Slack channel. Or if you're looking for something more like a traditional forum, I found a couple of options for you that look promising:

Hope that helps!



Hi, I would like to create a membership site, whereby members get access to content based on their level of membership. For example if someone has a free membership they can see Chapter 1-of-4 only. If they have a Bronze membership they get access to Chapters 1-2. If they have a Silver membership they get access to Chapters 1-3. If they have a Gold membership, they get access to Chapters 1-4. It's like the "include with free trial" feature, however I want to be able to enable this for multiple subscription levels. How is the best way to approach this in Thinkific?


Hi Peter!

You can do this by placing each chapter in a separate course. Then add the courses into their corresponding bundle. For example the Bronze bundle will have course 1 and 2.  In this way a student can choose the level of subscription by choosing which bundle they want to enroll in. 

Hope this helps!


Thanks Oliver, is there a way to enable people to upgrade their monthly subscription plan so they can simply pay more each month and access more content? As far as I can tell, for example, with Thinkific if you are subscribed to the Bronze bundle, you would have to subscribe to and pay for the Silver bundle separately. What we are trying to achieve is a seamless upgrade from Bronze to Silver. In this scenario the customer upgrades their monthly plan from $29 to $59, and also now gets access to more content. The key is to make this seamless. In the same way we want to enable downgrading from Silver to Bronze (pay less, receive access to less). What we are trying to avoid is stacking monthly subscriptions on top of each other which would be clunky. Let me know.

Hi Peter!

Currently, we don't have an easy way to do this. You would have to manually change their subscription both on Stripe and the admin dashboard on your Thinkific site. I think this is a great idea and you can pass it on to our developers through this link: