Why are not all of my students exported to my MailChimp List?

My integration with MailChimp functions, but I am losing email addresses.

Current # of users in Thinkific is 9

Current # of users in Mailchimp list is 6

How can I fix this?

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Hey there!

If you're noticing that the number of students signing up to your course site and the number of students exported to your MailChimp mailing list isn't lining up, this is probably because they are either duplicate sign ups or these students signed up for your course site after you integrated with MailChimp.

You can always update your MailChimp list with an export of your students via the Users report. Here's how to do that:

oh there isn't a one way sync form Thinkific -> Mailchimp ?

Hello again!

Yes, there is. If you integrate with Mailchimp, all of your students signing up for a course after you integrate will be imported into your Mailchimp list.

Does that answer your question?

Let me know if you'd like some more information about this.


I just integrated MailChimp, but it seems that I can only import new users to one list regardless of which course they sign up for.

Having said that, I only have one course at the moment, but will have several soon and am attempting to set this up for the future.

Is there a way to Tag or segment users that sign up for different courses in Thinkific as they are imported into MailChimp or does this need to be done manually?


Hi Abe!

The direct integration to Mailchimp is only able to send student emails to one single list. However, if you use Zapier instead, you can choose which mailing list they end up in depending on the course the student buys. You can take a look at this article for more info:

Hope this helps!

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