Cant find save button

I'm on the landing page course description and watching the intro video on how to use thinkific, on the video is shows the save button at the bottom of the left hand section where you can edit the description but I have no such button showing up. Searching page I just cant find one can anyone please advise?

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Hey Nina!

Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with saving a course description! Have you made any changes to the course description yet? The button appears after making an edit. (See this here).

You can also highlight the course description and copy the content. Then, hit CMD+R (on a Mac) / CTRL+F5 (on a Windows PC) to refresh the page. Enter your content back into the field and then look for the save button. Hit the Save button and then try editing the field again.

Let me know if that helps!

- Aaron

Same issue here....followed your directions and the content did show up on the right side of the fields - in the preview section - but still no save button! Frustrating...

Hi Tammy,

Sorry for the frustration there.

If you try restarting your browser does it make a difference? (Sorry as I know that will cause you to lose some work) My recommendation would be to copy-and-paste your work into a text file and then try restarting your browser.

I'm also going to pass this onto our product team to look into. We'll contact you if we have any questions, but if you're still having issues you can go here to get in touch with the team.

All the best,


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