"> appearing in Chrome & Safari upper left corner

Hi Support,


"> is showing in the upper left hand corner of my site. I've noticed it for a couple weeks and just updated my themes to 1.90 to see if that would fix it, yet these character are still displaying.


It does not appear to be device or browser specific as it shows on my desktop (Chrome), and on my ipad and iphone in both Chrome and Safari.

I'm assuming this is code-related on your end, but please let me know if there's something I can modify in my themes to have this go away.

My site is

Thanks in advance!


Hi Danielle,

I just checked your site and it looks like that symbol is now gone.

When I've seen this before, it's been related to extra characters included when integrating with Google Analytics. Was that it?



Hi Catherine, Yes, that was it! I had apparently pasted the entire meta tag instead of just my Google Analytics code in the Advanced section. My husband found my error after the I submitted this thread. Thanks for you quick reply! I'm sure you all had a doozy of a day with the Amazon web services outage. Thanks! ~Danielle
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