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I'm trying to apply .css to a table within a quiz in my course. The only instructions I've seen say to add my .css file as an asset (which I've done) and then add the link code to the Header snippet (which I've also done). Here's the page to which I'm referring:

I've looked at my quiz page in v1 and in Beta and the .css is not being applied. I even created a test page with nothing but the table on it and still no .css.

What am I missing?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Chris!

When you're making changes to any CSS files, you also have to make a quick change to the Theme CSS file. You can simply add a space so that the changes you made to the base scss file take effect. 

Hey there,

Not sure if I'm meant to add a new thread or not.

Our front-end dev changed the padding on the top banner of one course by editing the CSS.

This change is not reflected in the preview or live.

See attached.

All the best,

Giles (on behalf of CW)

Hi John!

Are you asking about text-based lessons within the course player? If so, although we don't offer templates right now, you can customise the pages by adding images, video, formatting, etc using the buttons along the top of the text editor.

The navbar of the course player will still be branded though, according to the brand colour set on the Branding page of the admin dashboard.

Happy to help if you have any further questions at all.



I'm new to Thinkific, so I may have just missed this.  We have themes and lots of options for the landing page, but the only formatting I can find for course content pages is plain white.  Is there a way that I can create page templates (with, for example, a logo, a header picture, the name of the course) so that my course pages have a consistent look and feel.  Currently, the student seems to lose the branding as soon as they start the course.

Thanks, John


Hey Jordan!

You're welcome!

We don't right now, but I think most CSS will work within the WYSIWYG.

You can also include Bootstrap grid classes if you're into responsive design!


- Aaron

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Do y'all have a list of styles that are acceptable and those that are not, within the WYSIWYG?

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Hey Jordan!

CSS inline styling should work in our WYSIWYG editor. Just make sure the styling has the correct formatting or it will be stripped.

I would write it in an external text editor first, and then paste it into our editor just to be safe.

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Is it possible to do inline CSS? I've tried and the WYSIWYG keep stripping my styling. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, or maybe it's just not possible?

Hi Tonya!

CSS customizations cannot be applied to the course player at this point in time using Themes.

You could add some inline styling to the HTML (<>) view of the Quiz lesson instead.

Or, if you get in touch with us directly we can get something figured out for you :)



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