Video library - store images?

Hello Thinkific,

How do you manage images using Thinkific? Can I create a library of images I can pull from when creating courses or does the image get saved in the course only? Any issues if using a GoDaddy ftp site, Google Drive or OneDrive as the image library, then embed in the thinkific course as well as other platforms like udemy?

Thinkific Help article on videos doesn't mention images

upload and manage videos


Jeff Jensen

Hi Jeff,

We don't have a general asset library right now, but it's definitely something we're looking at adding. You can go here to make a request for that with our product team:

For now, when you add an image to your course you will be able to find the link for that and use it elsewhere - e.g. by looking into the HTML (<>) view of the text editor.


Or, you can also upload assets for your site using Themes (more on that here). That's a little more work, though, and really for people actually customising the HTML/CSS of their site.

I hope this helps!



I have tried adding images by uploading them using the image icon in the tool bar.  They show up when I'm in my dashboard as an admin, but they are not showing up in the course as a student.  Any ideas why?  I'm going to try and do it here to see what happens...


Hi Celeste!

Sorry I'm not too sure what you're struggling with here - if you can please send some screenshots over to our support team we'll be happy to help. You can go here to get in touch with the team directly.