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I'm using my own Wordpress site currently, and am integrating Thinkific into my system as I plan to serve a course via thinkific.

However I do not wish to use the thinkific landing pages, I would like to host my own external landing page, and I fully understand that this can be done & how to do it.

My question is in regards to how the Thinkific affiliate tracking works, can I still track affiliates if using an external landing page?

For example if I give my affiliates a link to my external landing page, (e.g "", can I embed a tracking code or pixel to make use of Thinkifics affiliate system?  Or will I have to use a 3rd party affiliate tracking solution?

I would naturally prefer to keep it all in one place.

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Hi Rob,

You can still use our affiliates system with external landing pages. This would require some javascript to be added to your external landing page site so that the affiliate's referral code is picked up on by your external site and sent over to Thinkific.

Here's how that would work:

1. Your affiliates would send people to your landing page (on Wordpress) via an URL that includes their Thinkific affiliate code - e.g. This would flag the user as having been referred by that affiliate.

2. For your buy buttons on your sales page, you'll use the link direct to checkout for a course - e.g. There'll be some javascript present on this page that takes the affiliate code that the person was been flagged with and automatically appends it to that URL. Meaning that when they hit the button, they end up on your Thinkific site via an affiliate link - e.g

Exactly what that javascript would be depends on your specific external site, so it's not something we can give to you. But you can hire a freelance developer to help you get this set up (and it's not a huge project).

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks,


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What link should the affiliate use to link to the home page? Do we need to generate a new link?

On second read Catherine, I think I have it! I'm gonna give it a shot and let you know if I have any questions! Thank you for the continuing great support!