How will course progress appear to past participants when I update/remove sections of my course?

I run training on social media and given the topic area, I'm frequently updating videos and other materials. For those participants who have already finished the course, if I change/replace/add content will this change what they see in terms of a video that's been added or replaced as not having finished? 

Does this mean that if they want to download their certificate again they would need to complete any new sections? 

Also, as I set the course up to drip feed each time, does this mean past participants will need to wait for the current drip feed cycle?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Kristy,

Yes, changes you make to your course will affect all students - old and new. So if you add new content, previous students would need to complete any new content to claim their certificate. The drip feed will also affect existing students too, but if you use a schedule based on enrolment date rather than calendar date, then the schedule will still use students' original enrolment date. So existing students should still have access to all of the content.

One option would be to have different versions of your course. So, when you're planning to add new content you could duplicate the course, leaving the older version for existing students.

This may even help you with getting repeat sales from your existing students for access to the new content ;)

I hope this helps!



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