Allowing to give an option to write an email while going to pay the course

Hi Catherine!

As I have a mexican company I can not use Stripe. Therefore for the payments options like in 3 payments. If you are chosen th monthly payments please contact

I will check out the Zipper to see if can workout with my mexican paypal account. But for now to have a solution in the system.

Thanks a lot!

Lilly )*(

Hi Lily,

Apologies but I'm not too sure what you're looking for here. But, if you set up your monthly payments in PayPal, then you could just customise the buy button for your course to take the person to your PayPal signup page. That's what people have done in the past and it works great.

Stripe is also currently in Beta for Mexico and we do have customers using that integration in Mexico. More info here. I'd try reaching out to Stripe to see if they can get you an account :)

Please let us know how you get on.



Hi Catherine

Do you guys have a tutorial of how to customize the buy button with monthly payments in PayPal? I would really appreciate that, and by the way this is posible in the essentials plan right?



Hi Ilse!

That will be available as part of the Essentials plan. It's a case of changing where your buy button links to, so that it goes to your signup page on PayPal instead of the Thinkific checkout page. This does mean that you'll need some way of the student getting access to the course after they've paid - for example, by sending them a coupon code via email after signup.

What may actually be simplest would be to link PayPal to Thinkific via Zapier instead (available as part of the Business plan). More on that here

If you have any further questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Many thanks,


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