How to customize text on new THEME land pages

How can I customize the text on my landing pages when using one of the new theme templates? 


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Hi there!

Happy to help.

How you can make your customizations really depends on what you're looking to change, which specific layout you're using, etc.

If you can please post a screenshot of what you're looking to change we'll be happy to point you in the right direction :)



I would also like to customize a bit of text on my landing page. Specifically, I would like to remove the text "Course Description" from my landing page. Is there do-able? See screenshot below. The highlighted text is what I would like to remove. 


Hi Jessie!

You can remove this by heading into the Advanced Settings page on your admin dashboard. Under Modify Site Text you can customize the text to replace "Course Description". If you don't want any text to appear you can simply add in a space in the text field (click on the spacebar):


Hope this helps!

Hello thinkific-team,

may I ask how to customize the translation related to reviews?

I need to change the German wording:

"Bewerten Sie diesen Kurs" into "Bewerte diesen Kurs"


"Sagen Sie uns, was Sie denken:" into "Sag' mir, was du gelernt hast:"

Thanks so much,


PS: See files attached

Hi Melinda!

Send us a message through with more details on why you would like to have this changed and we can point you in the right direction. 

Hi Thinkific Team!

How can I move texts on my landing page?  They are right in the middle in front of my face....  I want to move them to the side.


Hi Michiru!

You can do that with a quick change to your theme:

In your admin dashboard, go to Design Your Site > Themes > Manage My Themes and select to "Edit" your theme.

In the theme, scroll down to find Styles > base.scss

At the bottom of the base.scss page, paste in the following code:

.site-landing__banner-content-inner {
    width: 60%;

(Change the 60% to a different number, if you'd like to change how the text wraps)

Hit File > Save Changes to save your changes and that's it!



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Cool!  I did it!  Thanks so much, Catherine :)

One more question: The text colour on my landing page is white. I want to see how it will look in black. How can I change the colour of the text on my landing page? I imagine I would need to make a similar change by editing my theme. 


Hi Michiru

To change the text color may depend on which text it is as some sections under the Page Builder have an option to change text color or Heading Title Color or Sub Title Heading color. If you first look at the specific section and the options on the left that is the easiest way to change. Also keep in mind that under the Branding option from the Admin Dashboard provides for specific button color choices!

trying to add a course description to my courses landing page, however, I can only add text as a "Text with CTA" how do you add paragraph to your text when there is no formatting options available

Hi Kristy

You may want to try a Text & Media section instead as that will provide for an Editor bar that allows for much more formatting including HTML view if you need to adjust any style coding that the Froala editor is not able to handle correctly.