Does anyone know of any way of creating flashcards that are iframeable and can be embedded in a multimedia page in thinkific?

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Hi Norman!

Do you have any examples of what you're looking for in terms of flashcards? I.e. what you're looking to achieve with them?

If you can let us know that we'll get some ideas together for you :)

Many thanks,


I would also like to create flashcards. I am thinking about 30-40 single question and answer format, where the question is presented, then after clicking or touching the screen the answer is provided. I would also like them to be printable in a multiple card per sheet format. A randomizing feature (shuffle) would be nice too. Thoughts or ideas?

Hi David,

Thanks for that extra information.

I'm not too sure if there's a flashcards software out there,  but from what you've said it sounds like our Quiz feature would work great for your needs. That works pretty much exactly as you described :) More on that here



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