Quiz Reports by course?

Is there an option to get Quiz Reports filtered by student instead of by course?

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Hi Maggie!

You can see a student's individual progress through a course using the Progress reports. But to see their specific quiz results, these are housed under the Quiz & Survey results. There isn't a way to pool together a student's results across quizzes right now. I can definitely see a use case for that, though! You can go here to submit that as a request directly to our product team:

For now, if you export all of the Quiz results as CSVs, you should be able to do some Excel wizardry to pull all results from a student across quizzes into one sheet.



Agree with Maggie, it would be great to view quiz results by person. Very time consuming to export all quiz results, wait for the emails, assemble into one file and then use Excel wizardry. 

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Thanks for the feedback Eileen! If you have a couple of minutes, it would be great if you could go here to submit it directly to our product team - That will ensure that your feedback will be taken into consideration.

For info on how the feature requests process works at Thinkific, check out this article:



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This suggestion was made months ago... is it being implemented?

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Hi Ryan!

We are currently working or other features that have higher priority and requested by more course creators. You can still submit this feature request to our product team ( ) to put another vote on it!

Hope this helps!


I agree with everyone here. Grading quizzes is a pain the way it is.


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Hi Joe!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely pass this on to our product team.


You should develop a simpler, faster and easier way for us to see quiz results. The CSV files you generate do not convert to Excell and it is slowing me down big time.

I hope you can work on that fast.

Thanks for taking into consideration and doing something about it.


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Hi Fabio

Thanks for the feedback and this is something we are looking into for sure. The reason platforms chose CSV export for the most part is that it is universally accessible and generally easier to develop on. Its a quick way to get information out. But of course, its not perfect and we are looking into this. That being said, CSV files - including ours should be viewable in Excel and if you are having challenges there - please let us know and send an email to so we can help out!

Thank you!