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All my added pages now have urls that include in them.  My webpage is a .org and all my other website page urls do not have Thinkific in them. Can you tell me how to get the Pages to have only my website address/page on them?

Thank you!


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Hi Elizabeth,

To hide the, we just needed to set your custom domain to be the primary URL for your site. (More info on that here)

That's now done. You did have two custom domains (one for www and one for courses). This change means that one of these URLs - www - is now the primary, so all URLs will appear as www. If you need courses to be the primary URL instead then just let us know.



I own my domain, but have used wix to create my design. I'm not very tech savvy, but I know I already went in and changed some DNS names, to get my site from wix on my hosting server. I am writing this after reading the link provided in the above response. Am I going to be able to connect my course to its own unique page on my site? Or will my thinkific courseis become the site? I'm confused! THANK YOU!!! xo

Hi Andrea,

My suggestion would be to have your Thinkific site and your Wix site at different subdomains of the same domain.

For example, you could have your Wix site at and your Thinkific site at

For more information on how to integrate Thinkific with your external website, check out this article:

And feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.



THANK YOU, Catherine! Do I need to publish my Thinkific course first before doing all the connection and subdomains, or can I get that process underway now? I'm just focusing on course for the time being.

Hi Andrea,

No problem! I responded to your follow-up question in the other thread: