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I'm interested in moving from our current LMS to Thinkific.  There are a few things holding me back from making the jump - so if these features exist and I don't know about them, or if there are workarounds, please let me know.

Is there an ability to force the learners to complete the modules (chapters) in sequence?  Like they can't start on module 2 if they haven't even opened module 1?

Is there an ability to "lock" a module or exam that the admin has to mark as complete before the course is considered complete and the certificate is available?  We allow some customers to be invoiced for our courses and hold the certificates until the invoice is paid.  So I need some way to manually mark one of the exams or modules as complete when the payment arrives.

We frequently have a company that will sign up all their employees for one of our courses.  They want the ability to login and view the progress of their employees.  Is there some way to group the employees and assign an admin from the other company? 

Thanks for any suggestions!   

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