Course completion email

Hello, I sell only a bundle consisting of five separate courses. Will students receive a separate course completion email for each course that they finish or only when they complete the entire bundle?

Does the student have to watch every video and download all downloadable pdfs associated with a course in order to receive a course completion email?

Can I set up sending a course completion email to just SOME of my users (say to users from one school but not all users)?


Hi Elizabeth,

Students will receive a course completion email for each course as they finish it.

They have to have at least looked at very lesson, and completed all quizzes and surveys, to receive the email. There isn't an easy way to know if they've actually downloaded the PDF, but you can monitor video analytics if you need to.

Our course completion emails will be switched on and sent out to all students who complete a particular course. If you need more control over this, then I would recommend using an email marketing tool for sending out these emails. ConvertKit is a great option, for example.

I hope this helps, but please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly if you have any further questions at all.



Hi Catherine, 

Thanks for your reply.  I ran through all the videos in the course and it said I was 33% finished. Then I opened all the pdfs but the percentage of completion never changes. I tried downloading the pdfs, but the percent completion stays at 33%



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