Can students re-watch a video?

Hello, I went into my site as a made-up student to test what a student will experience.  I noticed as I finished each video, I was unable to click on the title again to re-watch the video.  I happened to click on the green circle with a check mark next to the title designating that I'd finished the video and was able to re-watch that way.  This seems confusing--Why can't students simply click on the title again?


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Hi Elizabeth,

Ah I see what you mean. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We are currently working on a new version of our Course Player, so this is an excellent time to flag things like this - I'll let the team know.

The new Course Player is also currently available to you as a Beta version if you want to try it out. More on that here



Yes, I find it very annoying that students can't listen to lessons again. The course I am  building [Relax the Mind to Sleep] is one where they are asked to learn by heart through listening 3-4 times, including twice directly after one another, without pausing in between.
What I would like is an instant replay button, or a "loop" button for continual replay.
And the "click the green circle" trick doesn't work when I preview as a student.


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Hi Lars!

Students can replay lessons by navigating away and then back to the lesson, but I know that's not ideal.

If you'd like to submit your feedback directly to our product team, please visit



Hi Catherine,

Thanks for that. Yes, as you say, the current function is not ideal. And I have submitted a suggestion for the change that I would like to see.

Now, in relation to my question and your reply, I'm also wondering what happens when students have completed the course. If a student goes through every single lesson, all the way to the completion page and completion email, and then a few weeks later (still within the expiry time) wants to review some of the lessons, can they do that?



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Hey Lars!

Thanks for submitting that suggestion! We really appreciate the feedback!

In regards to customers of yours who finish a course and want to return to it, as long as their enrollment in the course is still valid (i.e. not expired) then they can return to any lesson in the course they have already completed. Their progress will not be changed (e.g. if someone has 100% progress, going back to a previous lesson won't change that).

Let me know if you have any questions!




I just wanted to chime in this topic and upvote the change request to be able to replay a video at will. I also tested Elizabeth's workaround to untick the green check mark and it did not work for me either. Navigating away does not work either unless you go through the entire course or logout and log back in so the pointer that remembers where you were is reset.  I am in agreement that this is a fairly important irritant, especially if you have content that is designed to be viewed and reviewed like a reference manual.  Thanks for looking into this!


Hey Johanne!

Thanks for the feedback! You can make a feature request here for this change:

If you're curious, here's how we receive and process feature requests here at Thinkific :)

Hey guys,

Just wondering whether you've added a way to replay videos. I'm working on my first course, and my testers complain that they can't watch a video more than once. Any suggestions?

Thank you


Hi Maryna!

Students can re-watch any content at anytime as long as their enrollment have not expired. They can simply use the left hand menu inside the course to jump into any lesson, even those that they have already completed.

Thanks a lot for getting back to me, Oliver :-) Replay option is working for me when I preview the course as a student. So I was somewhat surprised that some of my test students couldn't make it work. I'll ask them to give it another try. Hopefully, it'll work for them too.

Thanks again for looking into this issue for me.

As I'm seeing the last comment was written in 6 months ago while my students say that they still can't watch the videos again after completion. Is this issue resolved?

Hi Farbod,

Thanks for checking in!

We are looking into some solutions for this. For now, what students can do is click away from the lesson in the left-hand nav and then back to it - they'll then see the option to replay the video.

Sorry as I know this isn't ideal. Please be assured that our Product team is aware of this issue and will try and have a fix in place for it as soon as possible.



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Hi - my students seem to be having an issue with re-entering the course once they've completed it. Their enrolment is still valid (has not expired) but when they try and re-enter the course to revisit some of the lessons, they are unable to do so.

Very frustrating as the threads above seem to suggest that it works but evidently it doesn't or I'm missing something, help appreciated.


Hi Aled

Would you be able to open a support ticket through the Help of your Thinkific site so we can take a look at this issue for you specifically? If you can please include the site address, the students email and we can take a look!

Thank you!