Can't edit landing page

Is anyone else having problems editing their landing pages? I can edit my curriculum but for some reason it won't let me edit my landing page today. It's never been a problem before! Have Thinkific changed the way you edit it recently? There's no obvious option to do so.

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Hi Megan!

You can click on the video and a toolbar should pop up with a trash icon to delete the video. You can also switch to HTML view by clicking on </> and then delete the code for the video. 

If you're still stuck, send us a message to and we'll help you out!

I have the same problem I cannot edit my landing page on one of the courses

Hi Ruth!

If you can please send our Support team a message with some more details on the issue that you're having, they'll be happy to help!



I need to edit the "Course Curriculum" display. How do I do that?

Hi Srinivasan

For questions such as this - it may be easier and better to go through our Support Help Desk. You can click on Help in the lower right hand corner of the Admin Dashboard or email us at

Thank you!