Can't edit landing page

Is anyone else having problems editing their landing pages? I can edit my curriculum but for some reason it won't let me edit my landing page today. It's never been a problem before! Have Thinkific changed the way you edit it recently? There's no obvious option to do so.

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Hi Srinivasan

For questions such as this - it may be easier and better to go through our Support Help Desk. You can click on Help in the lower right hand corner of the Admin Dashboard or email us at

Thank you!

I need to edit the "Course Curriculum" display. How do I do that?

Hi Ruth!

If you can please send our Support team a message with some more details on the issue that you're having, they'll be happy to help!



I have the same problem I cannot edit my landing page on one of the courses

Hi Megan!

You can click on the video and a toolbar should pop up with a trash icon to delete the video. You can also switch to HTML view by clicking on </> and then delete the code for the video. 

If you're still stuck, send us a message to and we'll help you out!

I can edit my landing page, at least the text of it. What I'm stuck with is trying to delete a video I had inserted, so I can update it. I can't figure out how to delete the video that's already there! (It's inserted in the Description section.) What am I missing?

Thank you Oliver Chen. Blessings Cody FE

Hi Martin!

You are using our updated page builder which is a bit different from the video. Now the landing page tab is the Page Builder. Currently the same theme is applied across all your course landing pages to create consistency across your site. You can take a look at this article for more info: 

I notice that watching the class "Constructing a Course and Course Landing Page (21min)" the screen layout is different now.

There is no "Landing Page" option or tab at the top of the screen on my machine. Everything else is there, just that one tab missing...

Currently I have the free pricing plan.

Is there no longer a separate themed landing page for a course? Is it that the only theme to be done is at the site level?



Hi Master Cody!

You can update your banner from the course builder under Landing Page > Banner.

If you're stuck with an update you're trying to make then please reach out to our support team directly with the details and they'll be happy to help!




Master Cody here. I"m working to edit the banner on my landing page. I wish to edit the  the banner, Your Demo  Course, How?

Hi Matt!

The text that you're seeing right now can be edited under Landing Page > Banner in the course guilder. The field names are Banner Title and Banner Subtitle.

If you make those fields empty and save it that will remove the text (the in-page preview might not update right away, but if you select Preview Course > Landing Page in the top right you should see the change).

To remove the "Taught by" go to Advanced Settings > Modify Site Text on your admin dashboard. Select to "Customize" the snippet for "Taught by", type in a blank space, and hit Save.

That should remove all the text from your course banner :)



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I have text in the banner image I have uploaded for my course landing page and don't need the banner text or the 'taught by' text. The banner text, which I have tried to delete - but it won't disappear - has been hidden by the overlaying image. The 'taught by' text is visible and makes a nice banner look really bad. How can I totally remove the banner text and 'taught by' text from my course landing page header? 

It looks to be pulling the information from some of the basic information that I input to start the course development process.


Thanks everyone! I was trying to edit in the preview pane. Could not figure out that I had to click on "description."

Appreciate the help!

Hi Andrew, I finally worked it out! They have changed the way you edit now. Instead of editing on the main page you see, you have a left menu (very similar to creating course curriculum). If you click on 'description' it will open the copy in the left panel for you to edit there. 

Hope that helps!