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Is there a way to preview a particular quiz question without having to go through the entire quiz (in my case, 100 questions)? I suppose I could move my question of interest to the beginning of the stack, but with 100 questions, that gets a little tricky since I can't control the dynamic label ("Question #") and would have to leap frog a few times to get from the bottom to the top.

Thank you!


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Hey again Tonya!

Sounds like you have a very large quiz! Ideally, the question you would like a student to see first would be at the top of the quiz.

However, you can also split the quiz up into multiple Quiz Lessons. This might make it easier on your student to complete and provide you with a more manageable quiz builder interface.

I hope that helps!

- Aaron

You misunderstand. My question isn't about the student experience. Let me try that again.

While building the admittedly large quiz, I would like to be able to preview particular questions to see what the student will see. As I mentioned, I know I could move that question to the top of the list, but since I can't control the name of the question, it's easy to lose it while I'm attempting to drag it to the top.

I will take your response to mean that an individual quiz question preview function does not exist.


Hey Tonya!

Thanks for the question. At this time, there is no quiz question preview function in the quiz builder. Quiz questions are numbered so you can track which question is where in the quiz.

You can send us a feature request here to suggest this functionality for future developments.

However, you can also export your quiz from the Quiz and Survey Report to .csv format. That way you can open the file in your favorite spreadsheet editor and then CTRL+F or CMD+F to find a particular phrase or value.

I hope that helps!

- Aaron

How can I edit the quiz I created?

Hi Melodie!

To edit your quiz, you just need to go back to the course builder and find the quiz lesson. From there you can edit the questions or answers for this particular quiz. 

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