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I have an assessment of 100 questions. In order to break it up a little, I want to use a matching-type question for a couple of sections.


Match the definition to the word:

_  katzenjammer

_  esperance   

_  igneous                           

The lowest and most dejected thing of fortune

Of, relating to, or characteristic of fire

Uneasiness; anguish; distress

Is there a way to do this with what's currently available in the quiz functionality?

Thank you!

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Hi Tonya!

Thanks for posting :)

You can set up a type of matching question - e.g. matching an image to its name (like the one below)


But I don't think we support *quite* what you're looking for right now.

One option would be to structure your questions like the following instead:


Alternatively, if you can find a quiz builder that does support those kinds of questions then you may well be able to use it within your Thinkific course using the multimedia lesson type.

Just let us know if you have any further questions at all!



Do you have any suggestions for quiz builders that DO support those kinds of questions. I am very interested in Thinkific, however, being able to offer a robust quiz using matching, short answers, etc is important to the teaching process we are using. I have been reading a lot of question section and help center and the answer continues to be an external quiz builder, which is fine, it would just be helpful to know what your suggestions are.  thanks!

Hi Sara,

I know that you can build these kinds of thing using tools like Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate. These are both paid softwares, though.

In terms of free options, I just checked out ProProfs for you - It looks like they do offer matching quizzes, questions banks, etc and their quizzes do work within Thinkific using the multimedia lesson type! So that could be a great option.

I hope that helps.



Hi Catherine,

This  does help, thanks so much .Sara