Thinkifc Headers vs Footer: Code insertion

I am trying to insert a javascript code and the documentation says to insert it in the header but I only see an option for footer in the Advanced Settings. Does it matter where I insert the code? I have successfully used the same code with Squarespace and Teachable without any issue but I can't get it to work with Thinkific.

The script is to render math symbols on web pages.

<script type="text/javascript" async


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Hi there!

Although instructions often tell you to put javascript in the header, most things work in the footer code too ;)

If you try it and it doesn't work, you can access the header for your site using our Themes feature (screenshot below)


Hope that helps, but feel free to reach out if you get stuck at any point!



I've tried adding the matjax script inclusion in theme wide and site wide script header and footer scripts, yet it is still not working.

Any other tips?

Hi Clancey!

Where are you trying to use the MathML? Is it for content within the course itself?

If so, I know we were looking into some solutions for that. My recommendation would be to get in touch with our technical team directly to discuss this in more detail.




there is a small part of code in a section of screen, how can I sort this.

Hi Will!

This is most likely a custom code that you have inserted in your Integrations page or on the Advanced Settings page under Site Footer Code, Order Tracking Code, Signup Tracking Code or Google Site Verification Meta Tag. 

If you're not able to find it, send us a message here: and we can take a look for you. 

Hello. I am having a small problem that is similar to the top of the thread. I am trying to connect manychat which will pop up on the screen. I'm looking in the altitude theme section and I cannot find the theme wide header section but I do see the theme wide footer script. I took it upon myself to place it in the footer code but still no luck. 

Here's the code:

<script src="//" async="async">

Any suggestions?

Hi Jay,

Hmm I've taken a look and I'm not too sure why this isn't working. Can you ask Many Chat to take a look at the javascript and check that it's correct?

If you get stuck at any point, feel free to reach out to our Support team for help.



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