Hi there,

I'm new to this so please excuse my ignorance.

I am thinking my first course needs to be virtually a set of webinars where students can listen to me "live" talking and watch me discuss a case.  Is this possible?  

You provide a webinar platform?  And is there something else where students can join in live?

Thanks, Jacqueline

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Hi Jacqueline,

Welcome to Thinkific!

We don't provide a webinar platform, but we do have lots of customers successfully using webinar platforms alongside Thinkific. Check this article out for some more information.



I am also going to be offering a live webinar component. What happens when the live broadcast is over for an evergreen course? Do I then upload the recorded version as a video for participants to watch if they can't catch it live?


Hi Emma!

Yes, you can definitely insert a new video lesson with the recording into the course. In this way both current and new students will have access to the webinar portion of the course. 

Hope this helps!

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