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We are currently considering using the Jive-x platform to build a community. They do not offer any course management tools like Thinkific. We would love to embed our thinkific landing page with an iframe or some other means, if possible. We want to create a seamless experience for our customers so they can view our available courses AND be able to take the course and have it feel like they are still in our community. 

I hope there's a solution for this!

I've attached a screenshot of a Jive Community. I'd love to be able to embed an iframe in the area marked with the red overlay.

Hi Jordan,

Thinkific sites can indeed be iframed! One thing to be aware of is that customers do need to have an account with your Thinkific site and be logged into it to access your courses. Because of this, if you're planning to iframe your site, we recommend using SSO so that customers logged into your community platform will be automatically logged into Thinkific too.

Alternatively what lots of customers do that works well is to customise their Thinkific site to match their external website/community platform so that they look the same, are at the same domain, and so on. More on that here.

If you'd be interested in chatting about this further, just let us know.



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This information is incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!

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