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Hi - how do I link up a Word.doc or PDF worksheet in the text on a course page? I assumed it was as easy as highlighting the text and linking the file like you would do to hotlink a URL, but it doesn't seem to be working? 

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Hi Heather!

Have you tried out the "Insert File" option? (Shown in the screenshot below).


That may work best for what you're looking to do. 

Please let us know how you get on!



I can't work out how to link a PDF to an image. Using insert doesn't work. The paperclip image says 'Insert link', not 'Insert file' on my screen.

Hi Mary,

We've changed our text editor since this post was made and "Insert file" is no longer available as an option, sorry for any confusion there.

If you'd like to link an image to a PDF file, you'll first need to get the file hosted somewhere online. You could do this on Dropbox, Google Drive, or by uploading the file to your course as a PDF lesson (whatever works best for you). You can then use the URL for the PDF's location as the link for your image.

Hope that helps!



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