Landing page doesn't load when there is only one active course

When there is only one active course, the site URL takes you directly to that course instead of the landing page. I had to create and publish a second test course in order to get the landing page to load when a user goes to my site ( Is there a way to have the landing page show up with just the single course card listed?

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Hi David,

When you only have one course published, the landing page for your site does redirect to that course's landing page. This is intentional because a site landing page with just one course published looks a little empty. Is there a reason why you want visitors to land on your site landing page? I'm wondering if we can come up with a good option for you :)

Feel free to send the details of what you're looking to achieve to our Support team and we'll be happy to help.



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Thanks Catherine. Your responses are always so cordial and helpful. I understand the logic behind not taking a user to a landing page with only one (lonely) course, and I really don't need visitors to land directly on my landing page. As a new Thinkific user/course developer I'm still learning the nuances of the program and figuring out what is possible. The instructional videos, support site, and forums have been quite helpful. When I get specific questions from my team (like this one about the landing page) it's nice to be able to confidently respond that it is the system working as designed and further explain the logic behind it. Thanks again for your thoughtful posts!


I have this same question. I would like to have the option of letting visitors arrive on my landing page so I can show my colleagues what it looks like. And, I'd still like to be able to preview and fine tune the main landing page even though I have published a demo course. 



Hi Janet,

I can definitely see why you'd like to be able to see your main site landing page. The way to do this is either unpublish your current course (or make it hidden if you're on our Business plan).

I'm not sure what your plans are for your courses but it's worth noting that if you'll only ever have one course published, visitors to your site will never see that main site landing page.

If you are planning to publish more courses in future and would like to see some examples of what the landing page looks like when you have multiple courses published, here's a couple you can check out:

And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!



I have a related question - I'm doing my first course at the moment, in the process have identified another 4 that are about related material, I'm referring to them in my videos as they'll be the next ones I do. Can I have a course showing on the landing page as 'coming soon'? That'll stop the landing page only having one course on it and also maybe something to use for pre launch sign ups? Cheers Rachel

Hi Rachel!

Absolutely! You can just set up another course for your "Coming Soon" one and just include "Coming Soon" in the title.

Check this post out for some tips on pre-launching an upcoming course -



How many courses do I need to add so that the main landing page site starts to appear? Me too I want it to appear even though I only have one course at the moment

Hi Heba!

You need at least two courses published (and not hidden if you are on the Business plan) for main landing page to show up. 

Hope this helps!

How can I hide the Course Landing Page?  I want to go straight from the dashboard to the content viewer on some of my courses.

Hi Andrew!

Users will need to be signed up for your course to able to access the content, so it's best not to send people directly to the course player. What you can do if you want to skip the landing page is send people directly to the signup page instead. To get the correct URL to use for that, right-click on the "Enroll" button on your course landing page and select to "Copy link address".

Alternatively, you could set up your content as a private custom page (available only to logged in users), or a page that's only available to users with the direct link (i.e. it's not linked to from your site header or footer). The benefit of having it behind a sign up form, though, is that you'll be able to capture users' email addresses :)

I hope that helps! Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions at all.



Has this default behavior (i.e., main landing page redirects to course landing page if only one course available) been changed? I only have one course published and my "school" landing page does not appear to redirect to the course landing page. is main landing page.

However, I'm not sure how any visitor would get to the main school page if they weren't given the URL, outside of organic search, because I haven't created any links to that page.

Yes, this behaviour has changed with the introduction of our Site Builder themes.

Thank you Ashley. Can you tell me if it is possible with the new themes to redirect visitors (i.e., automatically) from main landing page to course landing page or to inactivate the "home" page? I would prefer to have the option to turn that page off.

Hi Peter

Currently there is not a direct feature to handle this however the Home Page sections can all be modified or set to only reflect to one particular course so you could design this to look like a course landing page and then not build the designated course landing page.

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