Courses Expirations

I am interested in learning how others are using the Course Expiration feature.

1. What is Your intended reason for having a course expire?

2. How many days and why?

As for me it is my concern that ifi allowed to have the course for too long some people will get projector and share the course with a group thereby cutting into future sales. 

Please reply with any experience and wording this topic. thanks

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Hi Thomas!

Thanks for getting the conversation going on this. I'll just throw in a little wisdom based on what we've seen work for customers in the past:

Whether or not to set an expiry date on your pricing really depends on a number of factors - e.g. what you're teaching, who your audience is, how long the course should take to complete.

If you think there would be some benefit to having access expire, e.g. repeat purchases, then I'd say go for it!

You may also find that setting a time limit increases student engagement with your courses. Because there's a deadline to complete the course, there's some accountability for the student and the sense that they have to complete the course to get their money's worth.

Students' completing your courses has benefits for you as well as them. They'll have a sense of achievement and will be more likely to recommend your course to others. If they've gained value from you, then they'll also be more likely to come back and sign up for any future courses that you create.

In terms of how long an expiry date should be, it really depends on how long your course takes to complete. You need to pick something that is reasonable for a student based on how much work is involved, and bearing in mind that they may have other commitments. You don't want to make it too long, though, because that could affect engagement/completion rates. 

We always encourage customers to think of the course creation process as one of testing and improvement over time. So if your current pricing structure isn't working, give something else a try until you reach the ideal :)

I hope this helps, and just let us know if you have any questions!



I want to expire a course.  How do I do that?

Hi Nancy!

You would set the expiry date for the course when you are setting us the price for the course. You can do this for one-time payment and payment plan pricing options.

Hope this helps!


I would like my course to expire on a specific date, how can that be achieved?  do I need to do that for each user, or is there a date that can be chosen when creating the course.  My course has a specific start and stop date so that student stay on a weekly plan of learning.

Hi Kathy!

Currently we don't have a way to set expiry on a specific date but a quick workaround would be to unpublish the course once is has finished. In this way all students enrolled in the course will lose access to it. 

Hope this helps!


Is there a way to remove an expiry date once a course has one set? Also, is there a way to bulk-edit the expiry date, rather than going student-by-student?

Hi Doug!

You would have to end the student's enrollment in the course and then re-enrollment with the expiry date field blank. Currently, we don't have a way to bulk edit the date but we're working on allowing bulk actions on the users page. 

I'd like to have each student in a course have access for a defined, limited time period (e.g., "6 months"). I don't want the course itself to expire. How do I set this up. Is there a global setting, or does it need to be defined for each incoming student?

Hi Jeanne!

The course expiry is set along with the price. So when a student purchases a course, their access will expire after the time period you set is over. However, the course itself will always be available when it is published. 


Do/can students get a warning notification that their course is about to expire if they have been enrolled for a limited period of time? 

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Hi William

Sorry - at this time, there is not a native notification for Enrollment Expiry nor a Zapier trigger available to this. This is something we will pass along to our Product Team for review when we do make some updates to the Notifications Feature. Thank you for the feedback though!

Can I set an expiration time for a course, but have it be different if purchased in a bundle.  e.g. if purchased alone the student has 60 days to complete, if purchased in a bundle of 2 the student has 120 days, or if purchased in a bundle of 6 the student has a year to complete?

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Hi Justin

At this time, there is no feature for expiry of a course - there is expiry to enrollments and these can be different for individual courses vs bundles as you set in on the price itself. 

Would that work for you?


I want to give 6 month access to a user for my course. After that his subscription will expire. But i want to take all the payment in one go. How can i set this functionality?